I Went To Queens High School Of Teachin Essay

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I went to Queens High School of Teaching to observe the reaction of the students. I realized that the students seemed very tensed, and stressed due to the pressure of work that they are given to do. The students’ ages were between ages 14-18. I realized that all the teens behaved in a different manner. The students that were in the front of the School seemed to be High School Freshman, and the students that came later were seniors, so I knew that the students’ timing depended on their grade level. There were many students were talking about their SAT’S, and their School exams, so that’s the reason they probably seemed stressed. I also realized that the manners of the students’ behavior were very different. Especially the seniors acted much stressed out, but the freshmen seemed to be very relaxed. I think the reasons that the seniors acted very stressed out was because they want to finish the last year successfully, and complete their goals. Many students had athletic outfits, and there were students in the athletic field playing Volleyball. The students seemed to be very athletic, and competitive. The School that I went to was located in Bellerose, by Long Island. The area seemed very crowded because of the students, but after they entered the School, the area seemed to be very Country like, but not too crowded. I think the reason this School seemed that way was because there were not many stores near by for most of the students to…