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Wall Street Journal Article 1

On September 18th, the country of Scotland will enter into a referendum in an effort to finally gain the independence it has been seeking for 300 plus years. The polls saying yes for independence are up by a slight 2-point gap. This gap is too small to make a call of what the outcome of September 18th will look like. If Scotland is to have a majority vote of independence, then it will be facing a hard road. The economy could easily be destroyed by businesses pulling out of Scotland, and investors leaving Scottish banks. The question of currency comes into play as Scotland decides if it wants to continue to use the Queen’s money, or use Euros instead. London government has been offering Scotland many new advantages to staying a part of the UK. More power in government, lowered taxes, and other things that Scotland has been searching for.

The obtaining of poll information comes through many primary research methods. As we have discussed in class, businesses and marketing departments look to research products and customers using means like observations, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and experiments. People often don’t look at the government and politics as business, but it may be the biggest business and campaigning is definitely marketing. Many Scottish people were interviewed in the process of figuring out what the campaign for independence needed to look like. The biggest campaign for the referendum is the End London Rule movement. It was based on people discussing their disgust for London parliament. Obviously, surveys were used as various polls have been collected. Focus groups have met discussing the pros and cons of the separation of Scotland from London rule. These primary…