Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Essay

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How many people in the world have died from marijuana use this year? None. Not one person has died from it since the beginning of recorded history. Then why is the government so hard on the substance and the people using it? Four fifths of all the money the government is spending on the drug war is for the prohibition of marijuana, so to legalize it would be the most sensible solution. They would go from spending billions of dollars on prisons and law enforcement, to making billions of dollars from taxing it and saving even more to put toward something more constructive, like the heal care system. Should a man be considered a criminal because he sells a substance that isn't the slightest bit dangerous and helps with things like arthritis, depression, hepatitis C, anxiety, sleeping disorders, cancer and over 200 other illnesses? No. But he is if he sells it to kids. That is the first point I’m going to talk about.
The first problem with marijuana being illegal is that there are dealers who don’t care whether or not you’re under age, as long as you have money, you get weed. If marijuana was legalized, the government could prevent young kids from getting their hands on it by putting an age restriction in place. Marijuana has shown to have a higher probability rate of causing problems to younger kids because they are still developing. Other than that, marijuana is completely safe. An adult would have to smoke something like 15 000 joints in 20 minutes to be able to consume a lethal amount of THC, and that’s impossible.
My second point is toward the “criminals” that get caught selling and/or consuming cannabis and go to jail for it. Obviously, if a drug dealer sells to a kid, that’s wrong and is one of the biggest reasons to legalize it so that they won’t be making the decisions about whose old enough, the government will. Now if an adult buys some marijuana, smokes it and feels good about himself for a couple of hours, should he go to jail if he gets caught? No one was in any danger whatsoever, so why is he considered a criminal? Because cannabis is illegal. Why is it still illegal? I don’t know, but that 50 year old single father…