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In this final section I am going to discuss and evaluate working practises and how they will potentially break down the barriers faced and improve upon them to ensure a better way of life and work for those facing a disability.
All the working practises have a positive effect when it comes to supporting and helping those with a disability. Practises such as, safeguarding, personal care and promoting self image and independence all work towards this. Jane in particular has the right to be given a fair chance in life, work and further education as well as the dignity, respect and independence to do so. This falls under many legislations which work with good working practises, for example the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act. These legislations enable Jane to receive the care she is entitled to, in a way that means she can keep all dignity and have the highest level of support she needs and requires alongside the respect. It means Jane has a voice to express how she feels and have the opportunity to act on them. It enables her to feel comfortable and safe in that centre as under the legislations if followed properly, it will help to eliminate or improve on all barriers. Not following these procedures, there by acting upon discrimination could alter the stability of a service user, in this case Jane, and lead to further barriers being created and an unstable mind set meaning her life chances and personal decisions would decrease.
With Jane being venerable it means she will face many barriers within the centre, however if the safeguarding procedures are followed correctly it means these barriers will be improved upon or eliminated. Safeguarding is the main procedure that has to be put in to place within these settings in order to build relationships. Doing so eliminates barriers that individuals such as Jane would have to face on a day to day basis within the centre. It enables the staff to achieve a certain level of trust which would allow Jane to feel comfortable and safe when attending the specialist centre, therefore she can receive the care she is entitled to. Abiding by safeguarding not only benefits the relationship between the service users and staff but it also means personal information is kept safe which ensures the service user is protected from harm’s way outside of the establishment.