Essay on Treaty of Versailles

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Allie Schneider

Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States of America in 1919 when the allied leaders met to determine postwar settlement and the terms for defeated nations. He had high hopes that Europe could negotiate peace, and before the US was involved, he attempted to convince the Allies and the Central powers to end the war. This essay is written from his point of view.

It is about time for this senseless war to end. I have struggled to persuade the Allies and the Central powers to end the war, but as of now they will not budge. I have come up with a plan, that I call the Fourteen Points, which I presented at the Paris Peace Conference. The Fourteen Points aim to establish world peace and balance postwar settlements in peace. World peace can be established by making the seas free, allowing free trade, reducing arms, ending secret treaties, self-determination of national groups, and establishing the League of Nations. My plan also includes power being granted to local citizens in order to settle territorial disputes and Germany evacuating their occupied territory in Europe. One of my big ideas is self-determination, meaning the ability of a nation to determine its own statehood based on distinctions. I truly think this is the key to achieving peace. My goal for the League of Nations was to ensure independence of nations across the globe. However, my ideas only achieved slight peace. Many nations around the world joined the League, however the United States…