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Thomas Paine’s Common Sense is a political pamphlet that is highly regarded for its theoretical reflections about religion and government. The forty-eight page pamphlet was first published in January 10, 1776 anonymously at the beginning of the American Revolution it was signed “Written by an Englishmen”. The reason the pamphlet was signed anonymously was because of its rebellious content. It was an instant hit (largest sale of any booked published in America) as it helped clarify the thinking of Americans in terms of politics and society, which ultimately helped them embrace their independence. The pamphlet offered the early American colonists a case for obtaining freedom under British rule at a crucial time period, when the colonists were contemplating their loyalty to the King or a new beginning in America. Unlike most writers who wrote highly sophisticated, Paine wrote in a manner that the common people could understand. Due to his significant writing, he was able to obtain and persuade the minds of Americans.
Thomas Paine argued two major points within this pamphlet: (1) independence from England and (2) the creation of a democratic republic. Most American were quite knowledge about the Bible, Paine used this to his advantage to offer a common understanding to the people, for he himself was not religious. Not only did Paine attack King George III directly within this writing but he also introduced an idea of new found independence – by creating a republic government. He viewed the government as being a “necessary evil “ because the governmental institution’s sole purpose was to protect us from ourselves; because the government originates in the evil of man, it becomes necessary evil at best. He goes on to say that the government should be solely judged on the basis of how successful it is at protecting life, liberty, and property. The British government was abusing their power by depriving these civil liberties when they seized control in America. The pamphlet got its name “Common Sense” for the fact that America had so much potential yet it was being debilitated in growth by a country half way around the world; America was being seized by a country that heavily relied on it for its economic stability and not to mention that Great Britain was a fraction of the size of America in term of land.
To take back this control, Paine felt that it was imperative that Americans create and develop their own laws and politics. He used a group of people being cut off from society on a desolated island living without any government as an example. Individuals will come to learn that it’s much easier to live together in unison rather than apart and thus a society will be created. As the society grows, problems will occur and thus laws & regulations will be needed and thus the creation of a government will arise – regulations turn into laws. Once the society has been overwhelmingly developed, elections will be held to have citizen run as representatives of the society. This is the simple equation of harmony between society and government. Therefore, Paine argues against the government whose rule is determined by tyrants who gained power through heredity. The British government was trying to integrate too much of their politics in America and Paine felt that the British system was filled with contradictions. He felt that they pretended to have a system of check and balances but one person, that being King George III was ultimately in control.
Paine viewed King George III as being corrupt in that he pretended to look over America but he was only doing it for his own self benefit. Many could argue that America was able to flourish under the guidance of British rule and therefore should offer their allegiance to them but Paine argues this notion. Britain used America as a way to secure their economics’ well-being. Instead of watching over the colonies, they attacked them instead creating disloyalty from the American people. They…