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The High Museum of Art has been an important focal point of culture and enriching information in the Atlanta Area for over a hundred years. It’s also the most recognized museum in the southeast region. Many temporary exhibits have made its way in and out of the high center over the years, from the recent exhibit of Van Gogh and Manet to an exhibit on Dream cars. In 2010, The High had approximately 509k visitors ranging from adult to schoolchildren making it the 95th world of art museum. I remember walking up the ramp to the second level and seeing how big it was despite the big groups of people scattered all over the museum and the various pieces art I could see from I was standing that I was a little out of place and that there was more to art than just shaping and painting on canvas and displaying art in away other the handing it on walls or outing it in a random corner in a room. I spent almost two hours there that day and there were a many pieces that caught my eye that day but only a few pieces really captured my interest.
The first painting that caught my eye was oil on canvas piece by a French artist named Charles -Joseph Natoire in 1700’s titled Jacob and Rachel leaving the house of Laban. I’ll be honest and say that camel was one of the only reasons I stopped and looked at the painting, that and the blue of the dress that Rachel was wearing but what made me stay longer was the story about how Jacob fell in love with his cousin Rachel and how he was offered a deal of seven years of servitude and that he would marry her sister Leah first to complete the deal. Now By the title I’m guessing the painting is based after Jacob serves her father for seven years and he finally leaves with her and Leah, who was not depicted at all in the painting. I figured it was because Jacob never really loved Leah and she was just part of the deal to get his Beloved Rachel.
The next one is another oil on canvas painting by an unknown artist during the 1650- 1700’s called Amnon and Tamar. The first thing that caught my attention about this paint ing was the look on Tamar’s face. She looked so up set and she looked as if she were trying to get way from him, whist he looked very calm. It wasn’t until I read the synopsis next to the painting that I realized that the painting was based on another biblical story. In this story Amnon, who in the painting is only cover by a red duvet, falls in love with his half sister Tamar. Amnon then fools his sister into thinking he was very ill and when she comes to bring him his food he attacks her and rapes her, which is the scene depicted in the painting. The artist depicted what I would imagine that scene to look like from the desperation on Tamars face and just the way everything else was put together in the painting.
The last art piece…