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James Kilburn - Activity 2
You were given a basic design as a starting point for this activity. Did you use the basic design or start from scratch?
Did you add any of the suggested enhancements, or any others you thought of yourself?
If you did, which did you choose and why?
I used the basic design provided as a template of the design and then started my model from a scratch. I then used a plan to put each section of the model on a different page to allow better understanding of each section Good start but you need to explain in detail what you did when you started your model from scratch – how did you layout your worksheets and why?I separated my spread sheet into 3 pages. A page for ‘event’, the ‘income’ and also the ‘costs’. I did this because it makes the spread sheet look a lot more professional and slick. By doing this it also allows you to find what you are looking for much quicker.
A good start but expand your explanation
How did you make the model easier to use?
Give examples.
I made the model easier to use by sectioning each part of the model to allow better understanding, Good but explain how? By doing this also allows for you to find out the info on each section more effectively and quicker. What about macros, comments and formatting? Explain how you have used these to male your model easier to use. What information? Why is it easier to find - explain? I also colour coded my tables to again allow easier understanding on the spreadsheet and also someone viewing the spreadsheet for the first will understand the columns and why there in that certain column. Explain the colors that you used and why you used it?

Good use of screenshot to show the different colours used – annotate and explain what each colour represents
How did you test your model?
I tested my by inputting different formulas into the piece of work. Good but explain what you put in to test the different parts of your model. By doing this it is checking whether the overall results were accurate and also that all of the cells linked together What does this mean? Explain I also asked my test buddy to check whether he would be able to understand my excel document if I was not there. This was significant to me as he said he would there would be other ways of checking the document. This is good but what the other ways would be – explain. When checking my macros that I had done, I clicked on the page I wished to view and it took me to the page I wished to view of my spread sheet.
Does your model allow you to ask ‘what if’ questions?
Give examples.
My model spread sheet does allow you to ask ‘what if’, I think that this is important to me because it allows me to see what I would have to change to make even more profit. I think that I need to include more ‘what if’ analysis questions throughout my work. This is not saying “what if” questions you have asked your model. You need to explain how you have used the “what if” function and show screenshots of using it.
What feedback did you get from your teacher and test buddy?
The feedback I received from my test buddy was complementing the colour I used in my event spread sheet which made each column more visible and a better understanding of the spread sheet. Also my test buddy commented on how the titles of each section were bolder than the content which again helped with understanding the layout.
Home page is neatly presented and would benefit from adding more macros to navigate throughout your spreadsheet
This is not saying “what…