Sleep: High School and Well-deserved Nap Essays

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Students, especially during the more difficult parts of their year, often fumble around as zombies, due to too much stress and too little sleep. I have seen this phenomenon to much already at the highs school level, which convinced me to seriously consider a solution to scholastic lack of sleep in college. When (considering I miraculously get in) I start as a student at Johns Hopkins, the first thing I would like to do is start a club dedicated to sleep. One or two days a week, the club will meet in a quiet location to dedicate time to a lengthy and well-deserved nap. With the newly found independence of being alone at college, students often completely disregard sleeping properly for the sake of study or even recreation. By joining a club related to sleep, they can allot part of their week to sleep a little bit more, or catch up on missed sleep from before. I came up with the idea for a Sleeping Club late in my junior year, preparing to battle the five-headed monster which was my set of AP exams. Teachers would often annoyingly remind the “zombified” version of me to keep my head up and pay attention. But at some point, you can’t think about anything except taking a long nap. Fitting one into my schedule back then was much easier said than done, however. After getting home, I would engage in a mix of studying, browsing the web, and watching reruns of lackluster TV shows. Halfway between the fourth calculus practice exam and third episode of Two-and-a-Half men, I would become a non-functional human being, incapable of moving forward. At that point my…