Essay on Sexual Techniques

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Sexual Techniques
Cherdorise Keen
August 2, 2014

Sexual Techniques
There are various techniques that provide sexual pleasure. Masturbation is a popular technique, which consists of manual stimulation to the genitals by hand or with an object and both male and female are known to masturbate. It has been reported that most men masturbate by manual stimulation of the penis and most women masturbate by massaging the clitoral region. Sexual intercourse is a technique in which the penis enters into the vagina. Sexual positions such as the female superior, male superior, rear entry and lateral entry are common preferences. Anal intercourse is a technique in which the penis enters into the rectum and is known as a sexual preference among heterosexuals and homosexuals. Sexual fantasies are a technique that is used to increase sexual arousal which can be experienced in erotic or daydreams. These fantasies can also be role-played by wearing lingerie or pretending to be a sexy nurse. Foreplay is another technique that consists of genital-oral contact, kissing, cuddling, and petting.
Foreplay usually occurs before the act of sexual intercourse. Basic signs of affection such as simple kissing (mouths closed) and deep kissing (tongue action) are common forms of foreplay. Kissing that occurs along a partner’s neck, breast, earlobes, body, thighs, etc., is known to increase sexual arousal during foreplay. Other forms such as touching and caressing the erogenous zones with an…