Salem Witch Trials and New York City Essay

Words: 1892
Pages: 8

1) Who were the Puritans and how did Puritans organize their local communities? Why did the religious fervor of New England Puritans decline after 1660? How did the Salem witch episode reflect the tensions and changes in seventeenth-century New England life and thought? The Puritans were a group of people who grew discontent in the Church of England that had a profound influence on the social, political, ethical, and theological ideas of England and America. Puritans immigrated to the New World, where they sought to found a holy commonwealth in New England. Although the Puritans wanted to reform the world to conform to God's law, they did not set up a church-run state. Even though they believed that the primary purpose of …show more content…
Why was the Battle of Saratoga such a key to American success in the Revolutionary War? What role did France play in winning the America’s independence and what were the long term implications for France? Britain had significant military disadvantages; Distance was a major problem most troops and supplies had to be shipped across the Atlantic Ocean. The British had problems planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of military forces. British had better navy, better equipped army, resources of an empire, coherent structure of command.
Americans were fighting on their own land, more committed to conflict, and received aid from the French. The Americans won due to the British making mistakes and miscalculations and the Americans using three distinct phases to win their victory. The British forces, lead by General Burgoyne, lead the divide and conquer strategy, planned to move a large number of troops, south from Canada, heading through New York. These forces would then meet up with General Howe, moving north from New York City, and Colonel St. Leger moving from the east. The result of a successful campaign would be British control from Canada straight to New York City, isolating New England from the rest of the colonies.

The plan fell apart as soon as General Howe decided to move his troops from New York City, by sea, to attack Philadelphia. It is believed that if General Howe