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Ashley Pollard
Professor Chikwendu
English 101/401
March 11, 2015
“Today’s Society, Tomorrow’s Future”

To be a parent it is not stress-free to start with, but we need to provide guidance and security to our children. Being the sole provider and an adult, parents feel they should give the guidance they feel necessary without being dictated. Sometimes, it isn’t the parenting that dictates things, it’s the society we live in. The human brain does not fully develop and mature until age 25, therefore, children need structure, guidance and discipline to teach them self-awareness and independence. As stated in the article by Danielle Meitiv, “I resent being accused of negligence for parenting in a way I feel is appropriate for my children” many parents feel the same way. But, with the way society is today, not only do we have to look out for ourselves, but those around. In the past, we didn’t have to worry about locking our door, or not feeling safe. But in our civilization, no matter how much we would like to believe that our child will never be abducted from us, or as some believe “that will never happen to me” in a blink of an eye it happens every day. Furthermore, children are not safe without the supervision of an adult that can carefully watch and guard the presence of their child in case of an abduction or rape. As a child, I grew up with a very controlling Mother and Father. My Mother, would not let me out of her sight, and my dad was very stern with his word. So I do see where The Meitivs say that being “free ranged” lets their children have more independence and experience the world as they see it. But, I do not agree with them letting them carelessly roam the streets by themselves, they are not adults, they need the guidance of an adult to protect them from harm’s way. There are other ways of being independent as a child then roaming the streets alone. For example, I lived on a chicken farm, and that was my way of making my own money to earn for my Barbie dolls. In conclusion, although my parents didn’t allow me to roam the streets by myself, I was able to learn how to be independent and self-driven without feeling unsafe or unsupervised by my guardians. This article impacts me in a couple of…