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Political oppression can destroy not altogether a familys sense of independence and success but likewise a countrys sense of independence and success. Unique strengths can be rebeled and can bring out the best and the bastinado of an individual amongst difficult and challenging times. Alvarezs organization and development of the historic fiction helps us better go out the Mirabel familys involvement in the revolution. In her novel In the Time of the Butterflies, Alvarez explores Maria Teresa and Minervas family environment on with the influence among the sisters to demonstrate their involvement of the revolution within the schoolbook.

The way that the author, Julia Alavarez, organizes the text helps us better understand how their family environment got the sisters involved in the revolution. Alavarez organizes Maria Teresas chapter by using journal entries, this demonstrates her innocence and lack of maturity. The tone and the way her wrangling are organized shows that she thinks she is, advanced for [her] age (Alvarez 32) and because of the age distinction within her family Maria Teresa has the opportunity to watch the world develop around her as she influenced by others opinions.
I believe that the book by Julia Alvarez and the movie that came after it have strong thematically differences. Julia Alvarez’s In the Time of the Butterflies is a novel that has substance to support numerous themes. The novel can be used to address themes about loyalty, death and loss, Marxism, and political domination are examples; however, the most overreaching theme in the novel is the empowerment of women and the woman’s role in society. Empowerment of women and women roles is a broad theme that has many different components that feed into it. Some of the components of the empowerment of…