Migration: United States and lely High School Essays

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Migration is a permanent move to a new location, and happens every day all around the world. For this immigrant interview, I talked to a senior at Lely High School named Lesly Perez. She was born in Mexico in March of 1996 and emigrated from her hometown at the age of four. I chose to interview her because of the large increase of Latin American immigrants in America. With so many people traveling across the border to the United States, I was curious as to what their motives and experiences were like. Another reason I chose to interview Lesly was because she is a great example of a child who migrated with her parents. When she was four, she left her home in Mexico because her parents wanted their children to have a better life in a country like America, which is lenient to immigrants. Fourteen years later, America is more immigrant-friendly than ever, considering President Obama’s recent immigration reform which will give millions of people undeserved rights. However atrocious this may sound, such programs would be beneficial to families like the Perez family, who were thankful to even get past the US border patrol legally.
Lesly stated that, even though she was young when she emigrated from Mexico, the worst part of the journey was the US/Mexico border. The United States Border Patrol agency is very strict when it comes to people migrating into the country. Scouring the landscape for illegal aliens, they often seem to overreact to peace-seeking Mexicans trying to cross…