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Unit 3:The New Nation Unit Assignment: The United States Constitution

Before you Read and the Preamble
1. Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that effect their lives, what I prize about living in a democracy is that I have rights and everyone is supposed to be treated equally.
2. The five purposes of the constitution are to Establish Legitimacy, create appropriate structures, describe and distribute power, limit government powers, and allow for change.
3. The constitution has 7 articles and 27 amendments.
4. President Woodrow Wilson means is that theses amendments aren’t our only rights there just the start of our rights.
Article 1: The legislative branch 5.The main role of the legislative branch is to make laws. 6. The qualifications and terms of office differ for senators and representatives because to be a representatives you have to be atleast 25 and to be a senator you have to be 35. To be a representative you had to of been a citizen for 7 years and to be a senator you had to of been a citizen for atleast 9 years. 7. The constitution limits the power of congress by no slave trade, habeas corpus, illegal punishment, direct taxes, export taxes, no favorites, public money, and titles of nobility. 8.

Article 2: The Executive 9. The main role of the executive branch is to give the congress information and recommend considerary measure to both houses. Also shall receive ambassadors and also make sure to laws are fair and constituional. 10. The constituition limits the power of the president by having other braches to help him so that he doesn’t have the whole decision.
11. A president can be removed from office by convicting treason, bribery, or other high crimes. 12. The main role of the judicial branch is to extend all cases affecting ambassadors and other public ministers. 13. Judicial review is the authority to hear cases involving disputes over the law or behavior of people. 14. Federal judges serve for life until the day they die unless they are empeached. 15. Treason is levying war against them or adhering to their enenmies giving them aid and comfort. 16. The current memebers of the United states supreme court are Anothy Kennedy, John paul stevens, John Roberts, Antonin Scakia, David Souter, Stephen Breyer, Clearance Thomas, Ruth bader Ginsburg, and Samuel atlo.

Article 4: Relations among states 17. The guarantees to citizens of every state are entitled to all privaleges and immunties. 18. The policy of extradiction works by if any state with treason or another crime tries to flee to another state if caught can be taken back to that state to be where the crime took place. 19. New states are to be admitted and not to be admitted by being admitted by congress but shall not be formed within in the jurisdiction of another state. 20. The guarantees that the federal government gives the senate is a Union of Republic that shall protect them from violonce.

Article 5: Amending the consitution 21. The constituion by the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states can call a convention for proposing amendments.

Article 6: Supremacy of the National Governmet 22. The ways that the national government is surpreme because they are the highest law of the land.…