Essay on Gender Roles

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Gender Roles
BY: Abe Arkoff

Gender Roles is mainly about comparing the positives and negatives of the two gender.

The two advantages of being a male are that;
1) Not liking certain people does not preclude having sex with them without people judging them.
2) The issue of safety is definitely a benefit for a man as they don’t need to be worried about getting raped. Solely because of the idea that a man is physically stronger than a women. Hence, the chances of them getting mugged is far less than a women.

And the two disadvantages of being a male are;
1) Men in general are physically stronger than women. Because of this most of the work requiring hard physical work is done by men. But they do not get credit for doing more and harder work. On the contrary men are generally criticized for not employing women in such jobs.
2) When a man slaps a woman people blame the man for abusing a woman. But when a woman slaps a man, again, it is the man who to be blamed in the notion that it must be the man who is wrong.

Whereas coming to the advantages and disadvantages of female. Being a girl, I feel that there are more disadvantages than advantages of being a women in this world due to the societal norms and stereotypes.

The two drawbacks as asked by Abe Arkoff are;

1) Inferior to men- Often, men mistreat woman because they think women are inferior to them. But, this outlook is gradually changing over time. A lot of women nowadays are starting to make their own names and fame in our society
2) Unequally paid- For the same job, women are paid lesser than men because the employers believe that men are more efficient and can be given harder…