Diversity: Truth and Dow High Essay

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Diversity I believe I am different from my peers considering the way I think, understand and look. Everyone thinks a certain way based on facts they are taught, understands by listening and looks uniform. I on the other-hand cannot stand being the definition of “ordinary” and this is how I separate myself from others. In every class I attend all of my peers think the same way, whenever a fact is brought up they automatically assume that it is the truth obviously because it is a “fact”. I love to listen to other people’s ideas and thoughts on every situation understanding every aspect of the situation. Hearing everyone’s different opinions helps me shape my own. I believe this attribute is a contribution to the class because I am open-minded and I do not judge. Another reason I think I am different from my peers is everyone understands by listening while I need to learn things on my own. Everything comes so much easier to me when I re-teach myself the things taught in school. I first try to understand what the ending result should be like and then evaluate the problem until I get it right. While sitting in class, I am able to help the surrounding students with things they cannot comprehend. The last diverse attribute I believe I have is the way I look. I am half African American and half Indian. Dow High is filled with basically one ethnicity so that is what the children attending are used to. When there are some other ethnicities like mine that come into the mix, they…