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Hou 1

Wun­Yue Hou
Mrs. Taylor
5 December 2014

My Perfect Vacation

My perfect vacation would be in a warm, beautiful island, like Hawaii. Hawaii would be the best place to have a vacation because it has a wonderful climate and a natural exotic environment that I have always wanted to enjoy. I would start my day with a cup of fresh coconut water, and a tropical breakfast as I basked in the warm, comfortable weather with clear scented air that would make me relaxed and happy. Then, I would take a walk with my dog on the beautiful beach, feel the warm, smooth sand between my toes, find the colorful shells that hide under the sand, and then swim in the clean bright ocean feeling the water splash on me.
After that, I would taste some traditional Hawaiian food: such as kalua pig, laulau chicken, pipikaula, Lomi salmon, haupia, and poi which is so delicious that once you start eating, you can’t stop. I would especially enjoy the laulau chicken because I love the incredible smell of chicken with taro leaves, and the taste of the juicy meat. Once I finished this delicious Hawaiian lunch, I will go whale­watching on the island of Maui, watch the water coming out of the blow­holes with a cup of Blue Hawaii in my hand. Smelling the bittersweet smell of my drink, while watching the whales swim freely in the ocean would be the most pleasure I could ever have. The last thing I would do is dance hula­hula with the enthusiastic Hawaiians. I would dress