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Nicole Frandsen-Paull
English 101
Critique One
“The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence”
Energy Independence was first thought of as a perfect solution but later on became a dangerous threat. Energy independence has been promised many times over the past 30 years but never any action taken to achieve this independence. Robert Bryce accurately argues energy independence is not possible giving these specific points. America has many motives behind achieving energy independence. With energy independence it could help improve the economy in America and to also make America stronger. America thinks reaching energy independence will bring a “self-sufficient valhalla” (283) meaning we will reach paradise with good paying jobs that will produce new energy technology. “Farmers will grow fat, rich, and happy” (283) farms producing many acres in plants and food that can be processed into “oil-replacing ethanol” (283). We will reach the “promise land of milk, honey, and supercheap motor fuel” (283) “U.S. soldiers” can vacation to Persian Gulf instead of going war. Bryce points out the perks to energy independence politics and candidates use to appeal the voters of America. Also by replacing the foreign oils with man made ethanol will “reduce greenhouse gases”.
After September 11th energy independence was a popular topic. each year there were more stories being produced with headlines about energy independence. Bryce points out why this is a big deal to Americans. By buying foreign oil, America is actually putting money in the hands of well-known terrorist. This could mean danger to “America's economy, national security, funding to terrorism, and just not very patriotic” (284). Using foreign oil could cause more tragic events just like the one on September 11th. That could lead to setting us back in the process of gaining energy independence and also putting more money in their hands. This appears to all Americans that foreign oil is bad.
Bryce consistently insults the people of america throughout his article. Jane Harman who believes a simple lightbulb as similar to a florescent light bulb could help America achieve energy independence. Bryce…