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Common Sense
The first of the appendix's two parts recaps many of the arguments Paine makes in Common Sense, although the style of writing is a bit more urgent. The main points that come out of the first part of the appendix are as follows: the colonies should immediately declare independence; independence is preferable to reconciliation because it is simpler; independence is the only bond that can keep the colonies together. The way the author makes you feel is a very biased paper. Paine talked about the men reading by a way of revenge. This "revenge" is to go against the British and to show some reason for going against them instead of not having a reason whatsoever . He also calls the King's speech a bloody-mindedness which helps push the final verdict to go against the British empire which is why he wrote this very document. The second paragraph can be summarized as the kind's speech being a vicious act that deserves to be cursed bye everyone. Ceremonies even in silence can have a hurtful tendency. The kind speech is finished villany and deserves to be execration both by congress and the people. The author tries to convince the reader by using several key ways. One he tries to denounce the play as a villany and tries to make it seem worse than it actually is. Then he calls it a wicked performance ceremony that gas a hurtful tendency. The author is basically trying to make the speech sound like the worse speech ever made. In the third paragraph it starts by saying how the country needs pure and not corrupt for it to succeed as a whole. If the country does not succeed in being well mannered then the very peace and safety is at risk. The author then says states something about the King's speech, he says that the speech seemed really nice and no one dared to search through it to really find the true meaning behind the words. The King's speech is a fearless false publication against the truth and formal and pompous of offering up human sacrifices to the pride of tyrants. In this paragraph, the author makes you go against the British empire and side with the Americans. He literally forces you to hate Britain. He shoves so many biased quotes down your throat by the time your realize this document is valid your already siding with the Americans. An example of this is the very last line in the third paragraph, the basic idea…