Book 2 Revelation Discussion Qs Essay

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The Poisonwood Bible – Book 2: Revelation
1. What was “either a life insurance policy or a life sentence” to Orleanna? religion
2. Leah compares her backyard to what place? (Hint: important allusion) Garden of Eden
3. What game does Ruth-May play with the children? Why do they always win? Mother May I never forgot to ask "Mother, may I?"
4. Why doesn’t Nathan like the doctor? the doctor challenges Nathan which Nathan doesn't like tells him they might gain independence soon
5. What were two of Nelson’s duties in the Price household? chop firewood and bring fruits
6. How does each girl react to the Hope Chest Project?
Rachel - pretended to be interested in it
Adah and Leah - enjoyed the chest
Ruth May - wasn't allowed to have one
7. Give two specific details about Tata Kuvudundu. has 6 toes on one foot and he's a witch doctor
8. Describe the proposed election process in the jungle. Name one problem with having an election in the Congo. they use rocks and bowls they don't know much about elections so they improvise

9. Who will be the next prime minister? (Give the person’s name.) Patrice Lumumba
10. What is the significance of Adah’s one red feather? symbolizes hope
11. Describe the political climate surrounding the Congo at this time.
-the Congolese are about to gain Independence

Annotate, take notes in the margins, and explain the significance and meaning of the poems Adah references.

“Hope is a thing with feathers” by Emily Dickinson
Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,