Adhd Learners vs. Those Who Arent Essay

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FCA’S 1. Follows compare/contrast rules 70 January 8, 2012 2. Every paragraph has a topic sentence 10 Core 4 3. Creative conclusion 20

Compare/Contrast Essay1 Type 4 People are people; they have eyes, noses, hearts, interests, and brains. They the same, but some people may have disorders such as ADHD. Although they are people there is considered ADHD learners and mainstream learners, they share differences and similarities in their way of life.

Between ADHD learners and mainstream learners, they tend to share common traits, but with differences. One similarity between the learners is that they succeed scholastic wise with help from others; ADHD learners may need more guidance rather than mainstream. Another similarity that takes place is that they may excessively talk, or be known as chatterboxes; mainstream learners are capable to turn their voices off, while ADHD learners cannot control their actions as far as talking, constantly moving, touching objects, and interrupting. They also share the difficulty of focusing on subjects that do not interest them; ADHD learners are capable of focusing on subjects they desire to be informed about but cannot focus on the ones they don’t, while mainstream learners persevere through the subjects or topics they do not care for. ADHD learners and mainstream learners may also have mutual feelings or emotions; mainstream learners may not show such intensity of emotions, where as ADHD learners may become easily upset or frustrated over what’s considered simple issues to a mainstream learner. They also may have common interests in activities, and or sports; mainstream learners use sports, and or activities to use up their energy to a certain extent, ADHD learners may need double the activities or ways to use their energy to the point it is controllable.

There are grave differences between the ADHD and mainstream learners, here are a few. ADHD learners are hyperactive, which is to be more active than normal, while mainstream learners do not have that disability. The chemistry in the brain of an ADHD learner is also quite different from the…